Thursday, 22 October 2009

Long distance running - safely

There have been a few unfortunate deaths in the last week in Detroit, San Jose and Mumbai of fit, young long distance runners in good shape - collapsing and succumbing to a cardiac arrest. It has been both tragic for the families and friends concerned and worrying for the broader community of long distance runners.

These were not weekend runners seeking to push more and more and go beyond the limit but all seemed in reasonable and great shape.

More learnings may come out but some articles and news point to the fact that

we need adequate training and adequate rest.
get our comprehensive medical exams done once a year.
and then we need to 'listen to our body' as we push the limit and not go overboard. Cholesterol plaque as Dr Paul Thomson comments in a great article in runners world online, can be a hidden threat so diet, cholesterol management and a more holistic approach to a running lifestyle becomes more critical for those planning to push the limits.

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