Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Adidas My Coach

I am about to start trying out an Adidas product - MiCoach, which will be my real time coach. Quite intrigued to see how it will work. Got it from the company yesterday.
Comes in a neat box - got out the contents, read the manual and charged it.

Would have been good if it had a small pouch to store all the contents once removed from the box.
Well the start guide is slim and non intimidating, so thats a great start, hmm but the font size could have been a bit bigger in a few places, especially the colour coded bands outlining the heart rate zones.

I charged the unit, registered and set up my account,

The Contents miss out the battery which is snugly fitted into the box, something I discovered only this morning as I was putting on my stride sensor.

Then for some reason I couldn't get the pacer to start - perhaps it was not fully charged from yesterday - so I went for a 1okm run without MiCoach today.
Am setting it up fully today to be all set for my run tomorrow and gearing up for my marathon distance run on Sunday as prep towards the 89km Comrades run on 30th May
More soon

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