Friday, 28 May 2010

Comrades - S Africa

Durban it is now. Landed in good shape last evening as 3 glasses of red wine killed whatever had been troubling my stomach for the previous 2 days. I was feeling better by touch down and bade a tearful farewel to the Emirates loos which I had visited so often - just wished they had seat belts so that I wouldn't have had to keep going back to my assigned seat!!
A run on the beach strip, starting from the Hilton was a great refresher, then went to the expo which was as expected - well organised and reasonably big and informative.
Looking forward to the trip to Pietermaritzburg tomorrow morning when we get a guided tour of the 89km route. The computer at this biz centre cannot take in any snaps so I guess will have to upload those later.
But the Comrades fever is picking up now
More soon

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sandeep said...

just this morning on a flight from delhi to mumbai, read about you and your unique idea and it left me wondering the kind of conviction one needs in his/her idea and the courage required to operationalize ones aspirations. You are an inspiration for people like me who are on somewhat a similar trail as yours.