Thursday, 6 October 2011

Running is about Middle Management

Running is about middle management - land midfoot and keep your body straight at the middle - and lean forward.
Simple way to a flying start
Look below to a visual guide.

The Oct 2nd gorgeous weather, smiles and new faces

- with many 1st time 5k attempters, all made it a wonderful morning at Leisure Valley.
Lots of links to the snaps on our Running And Living facebook page.
Tanuja Sodhi kicked off the warm up with some music, and led us through post run stretches when she finished her 15k. Gyaan sessions on shoes, schedules, shin splints and more, followed, with some gels and running gear sales too!
The focus is on running style this month, as all of us gear up to get into shape for the cooler season. We decided to focus on the many of us yesterday who have great running styles
( of a lean forward - from the ankles up, straight body, midfoot landing and straight rear foot) for the rest of us to emulate.

Don't worry if your pic is in the set where we have a heel landing or a bent rear leg, or a full foot landing, and our body upright or some part of the same. I very often run like that too and we are part of the majority. The aim of running in a group is to get you to observe and give feedback to your running partner - focus on running style this month and see how you improve too with the inputs you get.

A more efficient running style results in fewer running injuries and various joint aches, lower energy utilization and therefore potentially greater stamina/ speed, and an opportunity for you to give gyaan to your fellow runners :-) But most importantly you will feel better.

Try this:
Buy a pair of BATA PT shoes @300.
Stand straight with your toes of both feet parallel and pointing directly forward
Lean forward at about a 5-10 degree angle and start your run
Do not bend at the torso

You will probably notice it feeling odd for a while but will find that your midfoot is striking the ground as you run now, and soon enough you will find it decidedly easier to complete your usual running routine. Heel and flat foot landings will jar you and urge you to get back into the gait and style with which you started.

Re look at he snaps of the people running in groups and individually with the foot strike and body as the focus - and become your own best teacher over time

Run with a friend and apart from the chat, hand out your observations to each other on foot landing

We have a vibrant running community in Chennai and Hyderabad and you can join them for any of their runs - all over the area and through the week, or post your very own run and have others in your neighbourhood join you.

We would love to have you participate in the 4th Gurgaon Running And Living Marathon and a Half on Dec 18th - it's flat cold and uncrowded and we are sure you will do your season's personal best here. There is a full marathon, half marathon, a 10K and a 5k run.Come with a load of your colleagues and get them to register together as a group and perhaps run away with an award for the largest group participation.A great way to also get ready for your Mumbai marathon participation
Check out the details and the early bird registration at why pay more?

Have fun on the run

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