Saturday, 2 July 2016

Seven good reasons why trail running on rocky, uneven surfaces is good at this time of year

Our diet may be mostly rice, or mostly wheat or corn based, but it has much else to make it a balanced diet and also a tasty meal, every time.

Road running is more fun than treadmill running, but concrete roads for regular long runs can be tough on our bodies.
City running is interesting and convenient - just step out of home and run, but if you are in crowded locations or higher transport locations the dribble from your nose when wiped against the sleeve of your running tee, leaves a grey streak.
The same 5k around the block or the same spot for the long run sometimes leads to boredom.
Traffic can make your weekday run a bit of a hassle.

That's where it's good to throw in some trail running whenever you can, out in nature, and let your mind, body and soul (and sole for that matter) commune with nature.

1- Uneven surfaces mean varied foot strike lengths and landing points which means pressure points are randomly different rather than measured and in the same spots, leading to pressure builds given out road run foot strike. Many runners use trail running to recuperate from muscular injury because of gait/ running style over a long run, or just to ease into running after a marathon or a half marathon race.

2- Quicker eye and foot coordination which makes us more agile and better tuned to our environs as we jump over a few rocks, or step sideways to avoid a puddle. This keeps us focused on the road ahead and keeps our mind off speed and distance and other mechanical metrics.

3- The air is fresher and cleaner in this suburban or natural location and we fill our lungs with the same as we inhale deeply.

4- The twists and turns in the trails add to the thrill of the route, compared to straight and long roads.

5- Mind, Body and Soul commune with nature - making for a therapeutic experience.

6- While out on a trail go minimal - rid yourself of GPS, stop watches etc and just enjoy the run. Listen to the birds, spot the animals, look at the cloud formations, feel the breeze on your face - the way it was meant to be.

7- No headphones. Focus on the trail, the directions and the environment as you see the butterfly in front of you and hear the frogs croaking in the rain. And automatically start listening to yourself, in a more educated manner

Just go out and find yourself a trail and some friends to run with.
Enjoy your run.

Rahul Verghese

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