Friday, 16 May 2014

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon - 2014 - Here I come for my 50th

EVEREST BASE CAMP MARATHON AHOY: At Kathmandu now - tuning off emails and work and getting down to the fun part of getting ready for the trek up to Everest base camp - am all kitted up with harmonica, guitar and cameras for the way up, and Puma gear and cameras for the way down. I will surely remember this 50th Marathon.

There comes a time when you are close to achieving some goal - but then you realise you are also pushing yourself to the limit. And you wonder what the heck you are doing. Well - this is one such time for me as I have just started reviewing the list of things we need for the Everest Marathon - my way to celebrate my 50th Marathon a goal I set for myself in 2002 in Chicago at my 2nd Marathon. Headlight with spare batteries in case you get lost or take longer than 10 hours and it starts getting dark, whistle, wound cleaning kit, compression bandage among a whole host of other things. I am meanwhile packing a harmonica, asked the organisers if they could arrange a guitar for the 12 day trek, and stuff like that so that one can chill out while acclimatising. I am also eagerly awaiting the Nikon that I have ordered and hope that comes in before I leave on the 15th of May and get ready for this one on the 29th of May. As a mountaineering enthusiast in school and college i was always fascinated by Everest and keen to make it to the base camp. Now I will be going there in a different avatar - as a runner. I think that will get me to appreciate the approach to the base of Everest as much as the mountain itself.