Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Focus on foot strike and form in a cross country run

I was off to Sangla for 10 days for our 3rd Himalayan Running And Living Marathon and I would get some time to run on rough trails at some altitude of around 10-12000 ft.
On the 24th I did a 15k run and walk along the Shimla Half Marathon route including the 2 tough climbs of Annadale and Indus and that made me feel much better. I was winded, with the sudden change of altitude from Delhi, but it was a good start. 2 days later, at Sangla, I did a tough Raksham trek where we did a recce for the 10k run that would happen in the following week. And then a walk and light jog at Chitkul at 11300 ft in the snow.
Went out for a 21.1k walk along the half marathon route this morning on the 25th, using the rocks along the road for the stretches that my physio had given me to do after sternly telling me about the need for discipline in this routine. I am now feeling much more flexible and also more acclimatized and all set to go for a short run tomorrow in my 2nd pair of Puma trail shoes.

I got my friends to take multiple shots of me running so that I could focus on improving my running form and my landing style - I would recommend this to anyone who is keen on improving, as I firmly believe you will begin to understand what you need to do, to run better.

 Try and get someone to do the same for you and see how you can improve, and focus on it, and you will improve, no matter how slowly.

 short steps while running downhill helps in a midfoot strike while long strides would get a good heel pounding.

 Not bad - finally getting a bit better.

Running downhill on a cross country trail is never the most elegant for running form as you go all over the place avoiding rocks and seeking out others for a firm foot hold but as you can see from the 15 snaps here - I seem to be looking in good shape in only a few. Have to work on getting body straighter and then angled forward from the heel for a better aerodynamic and efficient form.

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