Saturday 28 April 2007

Running in the Indian Summer

1 It's Hot. Hot summer time is here. I thought I would start a discussion on what everyone is doing to keep cool in India or other parts of the world where it's more than 30 Celsius or 85 Fahrenheit by 8am
Three things which I find help me are:
1. A long sleeved running T shirt (light synthetic fabric which wicks sweat and keeps the body cool as the sweat evaporates and the long sleeves protect my arms from the sun, and also cool my arms as the sweat evaporates.
2.A cap, a sweat band over the hair to keep the sweat from falling into the eyes and burning them with salt, and sun glasses to keep cool.
3.The most important thing is to have LOTS of water on you so that you can both keep drinking some, as also pouring some on top of your head, to wet your hair and T shirt and aid evaporation. Most evaporation and heat absorption happens on the top of your head so it's important to keep that cool.
What do you do to keep cool?

Would also love to get your feedback on an informational site I set up with basic tips for runners and running in India. Check it out at