Sunday 24 February 2013

When each finish line is the name for a new starting line - fitness is a wonderful journey - come out and play

"The best way to make friends is to do things together.
And the best way to run into great friends is to do great things together."
Running And Living

Sport transforms like no other medicine.And running is the most versatile and inclusive sport.
Come out and run with us in some of the loveliest parts of the country, in some of the most peaceful areas, in some of the most challenging areas, at some of the most challenging times of the year.
Come out and run with us once. You'll run into some friends, and if you have liked it, you may come once again, sometime.

And if you do, we know you are hooked onto running and you will be an evangelist- because it is addictive
You can see the thousands in the streets on any day of the week now in India, where five years ago there were solitary runners, you can see that as you see people in groups now smiling and chatting as they run, you can see that when you see families participating in events together

Come and run with us in Kihim Beach near Mumbai on 3rd March, The Himalaya, Rishikesh and Corbett
or maybe a city run in Patiala or Chandigarh or the all women's half marathon on 10th March in Mumbai
or try a total fitness check in the XWarrior race on 10th March in Delhi

Explore the country in a fascinating way.
And explore your potential along the road, wherever and however.
Needless to add, these are fun ways to bond with the family, and friends, and if you are on business, a great way to have a blast with your customers.

We would love to have you join a running group near you - no matter where you are - link up with any of our 75 running groups across the country and come for any one of our 30 runs across 10 States of the country across the year. You just need to take the first step, we will help you with the rest.

See you soon
Rahul Verghese