Wednesday 15 December 2010

If you missed the fun in Gurgaon over Dec 4th and 5th - experience it with photographs, timing of the finishers and even download and print out desktop or wall calendars of the runs, all at and reach the seven links for what ever you choose to view or print.

But this is not to get you envious, it is just to tell you that another different experience with a cross country run in Panchkula (which is a twin city of Chandigarh) , awaits you on 9th January. The route is along the Ghaggar river, out of town, and winds through a flat trail - scenic and cold and fun - basically - a pretty cool run :-)

Check out details and register before 20th December, for the 1st Panchkula Running And Living Cross Country Marathon and More

The North Park Hotel is scenic and comfortable and for the out of towners there is a 25% discount on reservations - book early and triple share a room to get a further deal.

The finishers get a medal and a certificate and the half marathoners get a running T shirt too. The 5k and 10k runners get a water bottle belt - essential running gear for running or many other outdoor sports like trekking, cycling and even walking. We then have a breakfast with a slide show of the days photographs - all that is included in the registration fee - whats not mentioned is that you will end up with many new friends, and also interact with other runners and get some answers to your many questions on running, at the expo, link in with runners groups no matter where in the country you have come from, and get some great deals on running gear.

A fantastic warm up by Elemention Gym will kick off the runs, and Accelerade - the only protein based sports drink will see you through your run, while the medical support of Alchemist will see that you are safe and taken care of should you need any medical assistance. You then have North Park Hotel to come back to, to enjoy your breakfast.

Registrations close on Dec 20th, else they may get more expensive, if there is still some space left.

We hope to see you soon
Spread the word among your friends, email this onwards, tell your friends in gyms and RWA's and other places too.
A great start to a great year awaits all those who come for this cool run!!

If you would like to have your brand associate with this run or with other runs - email us by return with your marketing objectives and we will outline a plan and the cost benefits of this association, for you.

ps: To get your brand engaged with using running as a powerful way to connect with your consumers - email us at and we would love to understand your challenges and work on using running, and marketing metrics, to help measure progress to achieve your end.

We also do workshops on leadership development, team building and productivity enhancement, using running as the intervention medium and metrics to monitor progress

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