Wednesday 31 October 2012

As we celebrated the victory of good over evil and saw three big effigies burn, one with 10 heads, let's pause for a minute and think of our personal fight of Good over evil which we have to win year on year, month on month, week on week. 24X7!
Cardiac ailments, Diabetes, and Hypertension - are the three big evils that we have to win over - day in and day out - not just before a medical check.And then celebrate your ten victories and celebrate

Good cholesterol over bad
Stronger heart muscles over weak ones
Moderate blood pressure over high or low
Controlled sugar levels over random swings
Victory over sinusitis and asthma
Energised mind body and soul
Better overall blood circulation for that all body program
Stronger and more flexible muscles and a more supple body
That self confidence boost to get you on a different plane focused more on good than on evil
That optimism which inspires not just yourself but others who connect with you

To help you put that winning foot forward, we have a simple program for you.
If you currently walk and have never run in the last 20 years - click here and make a start of interspersing a little bit of running into your walking. It will help each of these victories of yours, and more

We would love to help make this journey fun. Link up with others like yourself, who are just starting off- click and join on of the many running groups in your city - check out this link

And to make it ever more interesting and rewarding, we would love to have you join us at our 5th Annual Run Fest in Gurgaon; at The 5th Gurgaon Running And Living Marathon and a Half!! on Dec 2nd 2012. We have 5km and 10.55km runs (5.5% extra during the happy hours). We halso have half and full marathons, our trademark marathon and a half, then for the centurions we have a 105.5km run and we have a 24 hr run for those hamsters and energiser bunnies who keep going on and on.
We would love to have you join us and run, or cheer or volunteer - it does not matter if you don't know anyone who is running - the energy is infectious and that is possibly all you will need to make a start yourself. Because we know you can.

These runs will start and finish from near Ansal's Club Florence in Gurgaon and will be supported by Max HealthCare and watched over by the Gurgaon Traffic Police. All of you are likely to be shot by a Canon (camera that is)

For more information and registration before Oct 31st click on
If you've already made the mistake and registered for one of these runs, then get family and friends to cheer you, or maybe even volunteer with us - who knows - one of them may give you the medal at the finish line.

A few fun things for you to win your battle over good over evil
Try it out
But don't get addicted (Don't say we didn't warn you)